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  • Ticino Mechanics Engineering & Trading Sagl
  • San Giorgio St. 30
  • 6834 Morbio Inferiore (CH)
  • Switzerland

The company

Ticino Mechanics Engineering & Trading Sagl is a Switzerland company aimed at producing and selling mechanical transmissions, especially rotating unions, brake and clutches, for different applications and media. The company's primary goal is to provide customers with a complete and satisfying service. The company's engineering technical service will be available whenever specific studies and technical planning in the field of mechanical transmissions are requested.


Ticino Mechanics operates in the following industrial fields: sheet metal working machines, texile industry, oil industry, petrochemical mining, packaging, rubber and plastic industry and mechanical engineering.
Marketed products: brakes (positive air actuated and negative spring actuated), air clutches, oil clutches, sintered rings, planetary gearboxes, rotating unions (for air, water, steem, hot oil, vacuum and other media, for low and high temperature) and hydraulic distributors.


Write to our technical department. We are happy to accommodate your requests